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Is Your Spouse Cheating?

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Is your spouse cheating?

If you’re reading this, you likely already have a suspicion that your spouse is cheating on you. While your suspicion may be nothing more than gut instinct, that nagging voice in your head telling you that something isn’t right isn’t enough to risk ending your relationship over. That’s where we step in. We can help you find the concrete evidence you need to know that your fears are not unfounded. Armed with this evidence, you can then make an informed decision on where your relationship should go.Our highly trained, discreet investigators have over 50 years of experience. Our dedication and integrity mean success.  We use state of the art surveillance equipment and deliver quality results.

Our investigators/detectives are licensed, retired federal agents, state and local police with over 50 years of criminal and civil investigations and court testimony expertise. We will take shocking video and discover activities you’d never imagine your cheater is doing.  The overwhelming evidence is a slam dunk in court.

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History of Private Investigations

VidocqIn 1833 Eugène François Vidocq, a French soldier, criminal and privateer, founded the first known private detective agency, Le bureau des renseignments (Office of Intelligence) and, again, hired ex-cons. Official law enforcement tried many times to shut it down. In 1842 police arrested him on suspicion of unlawful imprisonment and taking money on false pretenses after he had solved an embezzling case. Vidocq later suspected that it had been a set-up. He was sentenced for five years with a 3,000-franc fine but the Court of Appeals released him. Vidocq is credited with having introduced record-keeping, criminology and ballistics to criminal investigation. He made the first plaster casts of shoe impressions. He created indelible ink and unalterable bond paper with his printing company. His form of anthropometrics is still partially used by French police. He is also credited for philanthropic pursuits – he claimed he never informed on anyone who had stolen for real need.

Photo PinkertonAfter Vidocq, the industry was born. Much of what private investigators in the early days was to act as the police in matters that their clients felt the police were not equipped for or willing to do. A larger role for this new private investigative industry to was to act as pseudo lawmen, particularly when dealing with labor and employee issues. The wealthy found that the need to help control large numbers of workers who had developed new ideas as a result of the French Revolution and the freedom of men did not sit well with the wealthy resource owners. Some early private investigators were nothing short of mercenaries and or professional military companies helping private entities with problems that could be solved with force or the show of force, usually in foreign countries.

Allan Pinkerton. In the US, the Pinkerton National Detective Agency was a security guard and detective agency, established in 1850 by Allan Pinkerton. Pinkerton had become famous when he foiled a plot to assassinate then President-Elect Abraham Lincoln. Pinkerton’s agents performed services which ranged from the equivalent of both a private military contractor to that of security guards. During the height of its existence, the Pinkerton Detective Agency had more agents than the standing army of the United States of America, causing the state of Ohio to outlaw the agency, due to the possibility of its being hired out as a “private army” or militia.

During the labor unrest of the late 19th century, businessmen hired Pinkerton guards to keep strikers and suspected unionists out of their factories. The most notorious example of this was the Homestead Strike of 1892, where Pinkerton agents ended up killing several people by enforcing the strikebreaking measures of Henry Clay Frick, (acting on behalf of Andrew Carnegie, who was abroad). The agency’s logo, an eye embellished with the words “We Never Sleep” inspired the term “private eye.

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